Breaking Free

Breaking Free Online is a self-help program that you can access 24/7 on any device. It is proven to be effective at helping people cut down their drinking or drug use, or quit completely. The program is totally confidential, and there is no waiting time so you can immediately start working toward your personal goals. It is:
• free for residents of Newfoundland and Labrador aged 16 and older
• available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• easy, safe and confidential
• available in English and French


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Wellness Together Canada

Wellness Together Canada was funded by the Government of Canada in response to the unprecedented rise in mental distress due to the COVID-19 pandemic. People are being challenged like never before due to isolation, physical health concerns, substance use concerns, financial and employment uncertainty, and the emotional dialogue around racial equality. We’re all going through this together, and we believe that mental health is a journey, not a destination. Each day, we can take a step for our own wellbeing. Wellness Together Canada is here to support everybody on that journey.
We all have different needs. Wellness Together Canada allows you to choose from a variety of resources to motivate and support your wellness journey.
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TAO – with a Counsellor

Therapy Assistance Online (TAO) is an online program which combines online education materials with brief clinician contact by phone, chat or video conferencing to improve your health and wellness.


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ATL – avec un conseiller

Aide thérapeutique en ligne (ATL) est un programme qui vous donne accès à du matériel en ligne et vous permet de discuter brièvement avec un conseiller autorisé par téléphone, par clavardage ou par vidéoconférence pour vous aider à améliorer votre santé et votre bien être.


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How have you been feeling lately?
Are you concerned about your or a loved one’s mental health or substance use?
take the first step, anytime, anywhere with our online self-screening tools for adults 18+.


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Parents Empowering Kids

Telephone and/or online program for parents of those ages 3-6 who are interested in learning positive parenting skills. Free for all Newfoundland and Labrador Residents.

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30 Day Mindfulness Challenge

Available from a computer, tablet or phone in both English and French, MindWell-U offers online mindfulness training proven to improve mental wellness, resiliency and performance and it just takes 5-10 minutes a day. Join the 30 day challenge today and invite a buddy for free!


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Strongest Families Program

Telephone and/or online program for youth ages 3-17 and their families who are experiencing behaviorual or mental health problems.

Families can now self-refer by calling 1-866-470-7111

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TAO – Self-Help Library

TAO Self-Help is an online mental health library available in French and English. There are interactive education modules and practice tools to help you understand and manage how you feel, think and act. You choose the modules you believe will help you feel well and live the life you choose. The TAO Self-Help library is a great addition to support your wellness journey.
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Bibliothèque d’autoassistance du programme d’ATL

La Bibliothèque d’autoassistance du programme d’ATL, offerte en français et en anglais, est une bibliothèque en ligne contenant du matériel sur la santé mentale. Elle vous propose des modules éducatifs interactifs et des outils de pratique qui ont pour but de vous aider à comprendre et à gérer votre façon de ressentir, de penser et d’agir. Vous choisissez les modules qui, selon vous, vous aideront à mieux vous sentir et à vivre la vie que vous avez choisie. Cette bibliothèque enrichit grandement le soutien dans votre quête du mieux être.
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I CAN – Adult Anxiety Program

I CAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness) offers telephone and online support for young adults 18+ to learn skills to overcome their anxiety and cope with life stressors.

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Online self-management program for people looking to find ways to manage stress, anxiety and depression. Download for free in App Store or Google Play. Use code: ZH8N47FS when you register.
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Well Central

Well Central is an accessible and completely free virtual Recovery College offering interactive courses that empower individuals to take control of their mental health and well-being. The Well-being Course, the first course to be offered on the Well Central platform, offers a unique, interactive learning process guiding individuals through six dimensions of well-being: physical, social, emotional, cognitive, meaning and purpose and environmental well-being.

The self-paced Course has 8 Modules, each taking less than 30 minutes to complete. The Well-being Course is evidence-informed and co-produced with people who have lived experience of mental health and addictions challenges. This ensures the information, activities, and strategies are grounded in research, experiential knowledge and are user-friendly.

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Support Groups

Who doesn’t need a bit of emotional help and support these days? These online support groups provide a supportive place for people with a common experience to help and learn from each other. The groups listed are all free and support a variety of needs. Check out the individual listings for details on the type of group and how to join.


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Wellness Webinar Series

Finding quality information about various Mental Wellness and Substance use topics can be difficult. We have developed a series of videos that is meant to provide information and skill building which make it easy.


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Smokers’ Helpline

The Smokers’ Helpline is a free, confidential service providing information, resources, advice, support and motivational counselling while you are working toward being smoke free. We also have a text message support program where you can receive a text per day for 12 weeks.


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