I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. It’s an ongoing battle. I’ve attended anxiety groups, depression and trauma groups. In doing so I reached a place in my life where I can function again. I still have anxiety but I have better tools to help me cope. My niece always struggled with depression as well and her words were distraction is the key. I found myself turning to art and poetry, mostly poetry it helps keep my mind of the depression and is healing. I believe distraction is the key to an healthier you. I still have a ways to go but I am truly thankful for the mental health supports I could avail off to get me where I am today. Just try it distract yourself it helps.

Sometimes we need to go very dark and far into our caves, only to find the beautiful treasure that is hiding inside. Let’s not lose hope that we’ll find our treasures and soon start our journey back to the bright light. We are all together in this process, just inside different caves. ❤️

Why is it that the most stress and anxiety comes from a job that don’t care about their employees? Isn’t a employer supposed to look after it’s employees and provide them with programs to cope with stress or better yet accommodate them if they can’t work certain hours.

We are all in the same storm. Not everyone is in the same boat . Some are on yachts while others have just one oar.

Battling Bipolar Disorder is difficult. It is especially difficult when you are limited to health care resources. Not being able to see a psychiatrist for months on end takes a tole. That is why loving myself is crucial. That is why taking care of myself is crucial. I have to – because at the end of the day no one else will.

I am thankful for God not giving up on me when life got rough.

Get through anything put your mind to it one day at a time

The best education is adversity. Battling my depression and anxiety isn’t an option despite negative and stressful events occurring outside of my control.

Sometimes the hardest times in our life’s gives us strength and courage and shows us that we are stronger than we think. My anxiety has been a big hump in the road of life, but at the end it will all be worth it.

My hope is to get ahold of my anxiety and depression since my car accident which was the scariest day of my life.

One day at a time!

This too shall pass.

“From down this low, it’s only up we go!”

You are not alone when you suffer from anxiety and depression. It affects everyone – and it affects everyone differently. Setting 2-3 small goals for the day is a good way to develop new ways of thinking/doing and establishing long-term plans for well-being.

We are all human beings who go through difficult times. We can all survive our trials and be happy again.

Things really can get better just don’t give up!

So depressed, no money, sick, unable to work.. wish I had my own place.

Borderline personality disorder will not make everyday hell. I will work on regulating my emotions & am thankful for DBT therapy being available for us.

One month ago my big brother killed himself. I hope I can find the strength to be whole again and for the world to start making sense again. Right now I feel so lost.