Music is my medicine

Don’t give up


Do not go gentle into that good night,
Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

this is inverted.Ive seen it all.
how will i ever get away from narcissitic and abusive relationship.
tiday it has gone too far
the ratings are innevitable
proven and captured how the abuse of cultural integrity and uneducated upbringing.too close to comfort zone.
the rise of narcissitic controlling power over someone who has nothing literally nothing to show. because of dubordination and restrictions human rights has been taken away.

Check in on your needs. When did you last eat? Drink water? Sleep? Shower? Talk to someone? Engage in one of your hobbies?

You’re worth the effort & time that it takes to get well & live a full, happier life. It won’t always be easy, but it’s worth it. I was in the darkest place, not sure if I’d ever feel like I wanted to live again. And, now with guidance, treatment, medication, & therapy I feel like life is all brand new & I want to live it for as long as I can & as full as I can. I send love to everyone who is struggling right now. You’re stronger than you even realize.


I have discovered that meditating on Gods word and in His presence while I the TV fire place with instrumental music on gives me such peace which makes it easier to relax.

Stop looking for all your answers in the branches of a tree, you’re not a tree.

If you believe one person has all the answers, you’ll only think you have all the answers.

Sometimes you have to keep mixing colors until you find where they came from. It’s not for you to know yet.


Little something i drew when i was bored, helps a lot to keep my mind off things

the war has changed me, i miss how i used to be and feel

Deep Breathing Practice deep breathing Go outside to enjoy nature

the coping tips i try is turn on some music and sit on the bed and think about a lot

I remember when i went to jail over drugs and hangout with the wrong people after i got out i started to change my life around i got a job with the chruch fixing up houses painting etc i love it GOD is good

GOD haves the power to heal all you addiction and mental health issues away