You’re in recovery. You know someone in recovery. You’ve heard of recovery but you’re not really sure what it means. We hear you. So, what does it mean?

Recovery is a process of healing where people with a mental health problem or illness and/or substance use disorder are empowered to make informed choices about their supports, services and treatment that allow them to live a hopeful and satisfying life. Recovery does not necessarily mean “cured”. Rather, it is a process that happens within individuals and will include ups & downs. Recovery occurs when people feel they are able to make decisions regarding their lives, take personal responsibility for those decisions, and have hope for themselves and the future.

Recovery is possible.


    • • Educate Yourself. Seek out trusted information about your loved one’s condition, the recovery process, and how to provide support.

• Remember, recovery doesn’t mean healed. People in recovery are still healing, learning to manage their condition or learning to break free from negative aspects of the past.

• Recovery is a process that is different from person to person.
We’re all unique. Individuals reach different milestones at different points in the journey. Talk to your loved one about what goals and milestones they have set for themselves.

• Never, ever judge. Make listening a priority!

• Help them focus on making changes to support healthy living, including rest, health eating, reducing stress, and physical activity.

• Help them reach out to services & supports.

• Be kind to yourself. You are not responsible for ‘fixing things’.

• If you or a loved one is struggling, visit our Service Directory for a listing of Mental Health & Addiction Services and peer support services near you. You can also contact the HealthLine: 811. Reach out, we’re here to help.