International students can access professional counselling in real-time and/or appointment-based  to help with any school, health, or general life concern at no cost to them.  The  keep.meSAFE Student Support Program is available night and day via phone, app, or web based.  The service is completely confidential within the limits of the law and available in 60+ different languages.  Download the MY SSP app, complete a profile, and start a live chat or call with a counsellor anytime anywhere.


MWONL is a culturally diverse, provincial-based non-profit organization. Their uniqueness is based on its gender specific mandate. The organization delivers programs and to immigrant and newcomer women and their families in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. They take into consideration their social, economic, and cultural equality, and allow them to fully participate. Their organization focuses on the unique concerns and needs of newcomer, immigrant, and refugee women and their families, and recognizes and responds accordingly. For more information, call (709) 726-0321 or visit
Nuport Building
44 Torbay Road
St. John's
(709) 726-0321