i get so worked up over midterms that i forget what i have learned while im in the exam and start crying… my friends tell me to “stop being so dramatic” i worry about my future because of what happens during exams and that they arent really my friends

That no body like me

About work, my son, my husband, finances and feeling sad and anxious all the time.

the pressure of fitting into the norm

I worry that I will never get better no matter how hard I try. I feel so alone and its the worst feeling in the world.

I’m worried you’ll leave me. You’ll give up on me. Im never good enough. I don’t deserve to be happy. I’m afraid to be alone.

I worry about having to live up to my parents expectations. ” Get 80%, 90%, and 100% in school, nothing less or else your grounded,” “Graduate and go straight to university,” “Become something great like a doctor,” “Be happy, even though we always yell at you for not being good enough,” “Eat healthy and be active,” “Do all your homework even though you have a social life and I make you do a million other things in the run of a day,” “Get enough sleep,” “Never get mad,” “Never yell back at us when we always yell at you,” “Make friends, but not those ones because I don’t like them,” And the list goes on! I’m only a teenager! I can’t be the perfect child like you want me to be!

My parents always yell at me

Everyday I feel worse about myself

That my daughters shyness will prevent her from getting the most out of life

I need to talk to someone…but who?

I wonder and think.. Will I win this battle?

So me and my boyfriend broke up about a couple weeks ago and now I’m dating a girl..I found out I’m bisexual and everyone knows. I went back too school for the first time in a month and everyone was just staring at me the hole day, I ended up going home with a anixtey attack. I can’t handle it, my meds ain’t working and I just feel so out of place. But I love my girlfriend and she helps me so does a couple of my friends. Idk what too do if I tell them I start cutting again..

Im worried i will neber be good enough for any one.. that every one will be better of with out me. Im worried that no matter what i do it will never be right.

I’m a third wheel to my two best friends and I’m worried they like eachother more. This has happened to me before, my friends ended up ditching me and bullying me and I had no friends. I’m so scared it’s going to happen again.

I stress about school so much that I want to cry. when I remember I have work I haven’t done i get overwhelmed and I just put it off.

This is for every one who Self harms If you use blades fill a container up with water and put your blades inside then please freeze it but if you can flush yor blades because you deserve better if you freeze your blades then next time you will have to wait until they unfreeze and while you wait just think about this you are amazing and perfect even if some people in the world can’t see that Sucidal Please don’t kill yourselves not today,not tomorrow, not in three weeks You where put on this planet for a reason and you can find someone to talk to Eating Disorder Please don’t ever worry about your weight Your still pretty/handsome I know sometimes it can be hard but just ignore the haters and find some one who cares not about your weight but about what is inside Depression I know it can be hard and you feel like you will never be happy again but you will please only use safe ways to be happy like talking or listening to music take a break and focus on how epic you are

Listen, I am suffering like that too. I know how you feel. I assume we are both going through a difficult time now but seriously, the cowards way out isn’t the option you need to choose. There are plenty of people who care about you. I can give you my number if you ever need to call me.

I’m too fat to have an eating disorder, I’m such a pig

I feel fat in everything I wear. I have never been in a relationship for more than a few weeks and always end up dumped. I always feel like people are talking about me and laughing at me.