a drawing i did of myself

I hope that my Mental Health gets better

im pushing everyone away lol..

I hope life will get easier and I have someone to talk to that wont leave me


Little guy ;]

i want to harm myself even though im scared of it, i want to end it but i cant face the thought of death and losing everone ive met and everything ive accomplished. im worried that if im talking to my friends and i say that im gay or that im not a girl, they will laugh at me and tell their parents about it, and they will tell my parents. what if i get kicked out of my house, where will i go? im just confused, worried and scared right now…

scream into a pillow and cry it out then take a nap

im worried that i will have anxiety so bad that ill harm myself and others around me and i hate my anxiety cause it makes me get my phone taken cause im always on it cause of anxiety

Just an OC i created <3

I am worried that I will never get out of the dark place I am in. I think the only way to get out of this dark place is to commit suicide but I’m worried if I try to commit suicide my attempt will fail and I will end up in physical pain causing stress and the stress would add to my mental pain. Sorry if that seems really complicated.

No matter how hard I try I’ll still want to die. None of my friends care and adults tell me it’s because of my period but puberty should not make you want to kill yourself. Even my doctor says it’s my hormones. Nobody understands me and if they keep neglecting me I’ll have to end it.🥲

MY school is like a prison

I hope that one day the Newfoundland mental health system with finally help us.

I want to stop eating because I can’t lose weight no matter what

I hope I’ll gain the will to care more.