You’re the most amazing person, and I want you to know that! <3

I had two grandparents die in one school year,one in September the other 4 days ago.My other two died when I was little and I don’t remember them well.I just want everything to go back to the way it was last year when they where both alive.I just start to heal from the first death and then comes along another.I have no grandparents left meaning no more Sunday suppers,visits,hugs and kisses. I miss them so much.

I like listening to queen and nirvana

i’m over 3 years self harm free but i keep almost relapsing. my graduation is coming up and i already feel ugly enough with the scars i have. i worry that i’ll relapse right before grad then i won’t wanna go.

Mikee, my clown.

Hey you guys! This my seem like a photo, but relally it is one of my art pieces!!1! This is titled “strange people” and it is one of my best works!

I ´ m worried everyone hates me and everyone I ´ m close with is just using me to feel better about themselves. I ´ m a very boring person . . . I barely check my texts, I ´ m worried that my partner is losing feelings . . . i hate my life.

I am worried that:
-I will have no friends because of my BPD and ASPD
-Even after apologizing I will lose my closest friends
-I will feel this bad forever
-I will never find love
-People hate me
-I won’t get a summer job
-I’ll have a bad summer
-I won’t have friends to text or hangout with
-I won’t make new friends
-I won’t get into university
-I’ll be bored with my life
-I’m losing my other friends

the nl mental health system sucks because i went in for my clinical assessment and told them that ive been having graphic and very bad intrusive thoughts and that it’s impacting my daily life and i dont know what to do and my psychologist told me that i have OCD which i was so thankful that somebody finally understood me and took me seriously but then when i went in today and told them everything that happened they told me i just had generalized anxiety because my grades are high and people with OCD can’t pull off good grades. one of my intrusive thoughts are about my grades, actually, so if i dont get good ones they impact me. I’ve been told my entire life that i’m overreacting and that my feelings aren’t valid and that everyone has anxiety sometimes but people with anxiety don’t experience the things that i do and it hurts to know that i’ve been waiting 7 years to get this assessment to finally get diagnosed so my parents and teachers and friends will take me seriously but then all of my hard work is thrown down the drain because they refused to listen to me and talked to my parents about how they saw me instead. i’m all alone and i don’t know what to do anymore

I hope that I will find a place in life where I am not lonely, where I have a good circle of reliable friends that care and accept me for who I am. A place in life where I don’t live in fear and I am genuinely happy most of the time. Life has its ups and downs but things seem to be spiraling down right now. But, life continues on, things will get better with time.

i worry that my ptsd and anxiety will get worse

I’m worried that one day, I’m gonna kill myself and nobody is gonna notice or care. I hate it here, I wanna die so bad.

my classmates keep talking sh*t about me how do i get them to stop?

hey, i drew this !!! i am a hyperrealistic drawer, and this is my latest piece !1!, i think you may have mistaken this as a photo the last time i tried to post it, but that shows how gr8 of a drawer i am !! thank you for reading/ looking!

i worry that i wonrt be able to stop snotfing coxcaine?????

My mother won’t stop gaslighting me. She’s abused me since before I can remember and now I have severe PTSD. I am trying so hard to get out. It’s so hard.

im worried that i will never be truly happy ever again.

yeah woreds u can doe i t i beleve hedgehog

I want people to see that im not perecft nor are my grades they always assume that ill get the highest grades in class and they seem so surprized when they get higher then me on a test im not perfect. My metal health is at the lowest its ever been and im afraid my grades will drop becuase of it, if my grades drop then im afarid ill be seen as a faliure and i dont want that. I feel that im getting so close to sh again evem though i am just getting a bit better and have been clean for weeks .