I love art a lot
And I love drawling

I’m worried I will never feel comfortable in my body… I wanna love myself but I don’t belong in this body.

I’m worried that everyone hates me and that everyone is watching my every move and judging it. I’m also worried that if I tell people that I am non-binary, they will think i’m weird. I’m worried that if I come out about the thoughts I’m having, they’ll look at me different and weird and like I’m a freak, I’m worried no one will understand.

I hope that i will be able to speak out and get help soon.

I hope that one day I can get enough courage to walk out of my abusive relationship.

Going for a run.

I’m worried about what people think, I know, a shocker. I suffer from so many mental issues and I’m part of the LGBTQ+. What if I come out and people think I’m weird? Anyway, I hope that whoever is reading this has an amazing day and I want you to know you are wonderful person ❤️

My hope is that everyone can be themselves without fear and judgement.

A small cottage

I don’t reach out and talk to my friends when I’m upset because it always seems like they have their own problems, so I help them instead of getting myself help and I worry that one day when I really really need help, I won’t reach out to get it.

Keep calm and love toast

I’m afraid the boy I like will turn me down do I tell him I like him or do I keep it to myself. I cant get over him He is all I think about…

I’m worried for my family’s well being as I already suffer from OCD social anxiety disorder an eating disorder and depression.

Create art, find a hobby you love, go for walks, listen to and play music, and be open and honest with those you can trust.

I just hope that everyone can stay positive. I know it’s a tough time right now, and even people in some of the best situations are panicking. That’s okay. No matter where you come from, who your parents are, you are valid. It’s okay to be sad. But don’t let that negativity control your life.