I like to read or listen to music.

Hugs. Hug your Family, Friends, Pets, Yourself. Anybody. Hugs.

write about it. whether it be in a fancy journal or just a random stack of paper etc. writing about your feelings is a good way to get them out of your head. If you’d prefer to do it digitally, I recommend an app called “Finch”. You get to take care of your own little bird and watch it grow by completing tasks such as setting goals for yourself, taking deep breaths and reflecting on how you feel. Not only that, but you also get to customize outfits for your finch and send messages to family members! Remember that you are not alone and many others are going through similar situations. Pain is temporary 😁

Close your eyes, and realize that people have it worse then you.

Read, draw, watch a movie, a lot of stuff helps but if you would like to relax using one of the three things is typed in this text would be watching a movie because if you choose a very realxing movie that’s happy and joyful but just enough to help you relax then you also get to enjoy watching something and then after you’re relaxed try and talk to someone because if you don’t talk to someone, the choice of keeping it all inside will affect you and your mental health because it will make you feel bad, stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. From personal expiercience with that stuff it isn’t easy to talk about it, but it’s easy to talk to a stuffy if you have one, or any toy you might have.
I hope you all have a great day/evening/night/afternoon and remember you are loved and you are cared about. Stay safe and be you.

Go exercise! Whether that’s going for a jog/walk around the neighbourhood, playing soccer with your friends at lunch, or something entirely different. Sounds cliché, but it helps.

scream into a pillow and cry it out then take a nap

give yourself a big hug/squeeze (for real)

Think about what you would say to someone you cared about that was feeling the way you’re feeling right now. Now say that to yourself. You are worthy of self-love.

Talking to someone when you are stressed

Ask to go on a walk around school to calm down

Play an instrument

Sit down with a good book and ur phone on silent, with ur best playlist playing in the background! Trust me it helps

Try to tell yourself that everything will be alright, and do something you enjoy!

Read, talk to a friend that won’t judge you, listen to music, play games, cry, watch your favourite show/movie<3

start going on walks more often, deep breaths, and start getting into more hobbies.

Listen to music! Remember it will all be ok!!

Look in the mirror and say good things about yourself! ex. I am smart , I am funny, I am worthy, I am me, I deserve to be loved, I deserve to be happy and comfortable with myself. I hope that helped you because you are worthy of life.

Play a shooter game with bots like Call Of Duty (good for anger), play a relaxing game like Journey or Sky (good for anxiety) or play a silly game like Goat Sim (good for sadness).

Release your inner child.