my favourite is any rock/metal bands, it helps me a lot. my all time favourite band is Motley Crue, they help me so much all the time.

six the musical anne boleyn is my fav love it so much my fav song , also every single one of t.s albums helped me!

Music has helped me through everything. Some songs i could listen to on repeat and they would still make me cry everytime and others make me want to laugh and sing. Most songs remind me of something and thats why i feel the way i do about them.
These are some of my favorite songs
– The night we met- makes me cry everytime ;(
– Cruel summer
– Star shopping
– Freaks
– Cardigan

Taylor Swift is the answer to all my problems

I can recite every word to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) By Taylor Swift, word for word. It’s my favourite. It’s 10 minutes long and it’s a great song, I recommend it, give it a listen sometime!

In school I listen to music since I don’t feel like I’m included in things and nobody seems to like things I do I feel like an outsider but when I listen to music I feel like I’m in a new world this is a song I recommend is anything by evanescence

I like listening to queen and nirvana

[Verse 1]
Sixteen, lot on her mind
Got a few friends, left the rest behind
But guess that’s just what happens, people change
Stressed out but is always “fine”
They be asking, but she can’t describe
Maybe, they’re right, it’ll all be fixed with age

Hate that you’ve been saying I’m dramatic
Immature because I just don’t wanna talk
You ever think that you might be overreacting?
Promise I’m thinking, overthinking quite a lot

They say we’re crazy and useless, making stupid excuses
To go make bad decisions when we’re hurt
And we’re not crazy romantics but we still know what a heart is
And know that when it’s cracked it really burns

Oh, we know more than what we tell you
But can’t always put into words
And we don’t cry because we want to
But you’ll assume it’s because she’s another sixteen-year-old girl


i listen to rock music to help the pain. ;D

i love nirvana


Music has always been my coping mechanism in regards to my emotions, i feel as a high school student that us teenagers voices need to be heard, even more so emotion. Sometimes talking to someone that will listen just isn’t enough. You know, my favorite singer/song writer;artist luke combs, uses his emotion in every single song. most songs do, however it’s easy to decipher his from everyone elses. luke never picked up a guitar tell he was 23, and ever sense than he as spoken that his life is 200% better. The point is, us teenagers need to find what we can express ourselves with . this honestly goes for every person, if you have no way to blow off steam it’ll blow up in ways that nobody wants to witness . its like a water balloon, the water is our emotions and the balloon is our heads, one of these days you’ll not realize how much water you have in it tell its to late. Finding what you enjoy is the most important part of life. even if its homework, cleaning, music like me. I do encourage and hope that peoples eyes can remain open for something they might enjoy. – Tyson

i love music