Epic Fortnite picture I drew. (I am a homosexual with mental issues such as depression and anxiety so you have to accept this post)

I can’t do any of my late assignments without crying. I’m never going to get them done and nobody’s helping me or caring

im worried that i couldnt help my friend when needed most

i´m worried i won´t pass school, even though i´m trying my best.

I’m worried that no one will ever like me

I’m worried that my grandparents will just give up on me. I’m not worth their time. I have told them that I was Bisexual and they didn’t appreciate that, I told them that I don’t believe in any religions and they didn’t appreciate that, I have even told them that I’m not okay with certain things that they do and I told them that I really badly need to get so many medical things checked out just to physically feel “Okay,” but nothings happened. My emotions and how I feel is just invalid to them.
I drown myself in video games, art, music, so I can feel good in a pretend reality and let my thoughts take over my mind. Good or not. And nothing will ever change. I’m trapped here. Feeling left out, in pain, suffering. I just want to be happy again. Properly happy..

I’m worried about my friends becoming more distant.

I worry that my life will be ruined too soon by someone in my family dying or, just, anything happening to them. I am also worrying about some of my family members not understanding about prounouns so much ( there’s only two of them in my family that I know of ) one of my uncles in general is a bit homophobic and I am afraid to say anything about me being bisexual and non-binary.

I’m worried that i’ll fail highschool beceause of my mental health

I’m worried that my grandma will die before I graduate

I worry every day that one day i will lose everyone in my life that i love dearly, It keep’s me awake 24/7

I think i might have an eating disorder and i dont know what to do ive tried telling people but its just too hard

i woory thta if i come out to my mom she wont accept me and ill be thorn out of the house, all my friends say they support but they never use my preferred name of pronounes and i dont want tp correct them bc theyll get mad at me. and honstliy i wish i was born a guy somtimes then i wouldnt have this body i hate. (sorry for the bad spelling)

im worried that i have an eating disorder

I’m worried that I’m not good enough for anyone and that I’ll be left behind again.

I’m worried that I will fail math and not have enough credits.

I worry that if I open up to my family they wont believe me

I’m worried that I’ll let everyone down, that I’ll fail, that I’m bad luck. Most of all, I’m worried about how long I can last before I break in front of everyone, and when the pressure will get to me.

im worried that I wont pass school, I have missed a quarter of the year already due to a lot of ongoing issues, I struggle with my mental health terribly and I feel as though everything is too far gone, I’m already so behind on everything and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to get my grades up before the end of the year

ive been fidgeting and spacing out a lot usually during school