You’re the most amazing person, and I want you to know that! <3

I hope that I will find a place in life where I am not lonely, where I have a good circle of reliable friends that care and accept me for who I am. A place in life where I don’t live in fear and I am genuinely happy most of the time. Life has its ups and downs but things seem to be spiraling down right now. But, life continues on, things will get better with time.

yeah woreds u can doe i t i beleve hedgehog

I hope that climate change doesn’t end us all!
I hope everyone has a beautiful smile painted across their face!
I hope humanity can be reborn into something new, like a butterfly!
#GreatVibes #Peace! #LoveYouAll <333

I hope that I won’t forever feel like my friends hate me and I’m a bad person

i hope that i can stop falling behind in class and that someone on this app can help me with my stress and i can pass my first semester highschool class


I hope everyone has a great holiday season and a new year full of joy, happiness, and love. <3 Merry Christmas everyone!

i hope i can actually build a relationship with my bio mother…i also hope she gets better.

i hope the rest of my life isnt shitty thtas why i wanna baskest ball and hang on the nets

l hope my crush

will chat me

I hope I can be satisfied with my academic performance, and I hope I can stop telling myself that I can do better even though I already did my best.

I hope i can get better

i hope wakatakakage WINS the november basho

I hope that my mental health gets better.

My hope is to know how to spell

i hope i can feel emotoins besides idgaf and idk what it is its hard to explain

I hope we learn to stop hearing and start listening. Start listening to what others say, start listening to the youth, start listening to others about how we are feeling, and start listening to each other about our past and our future. We need more listeners and fewer people to judge us.

I hope that my Mental Health gets better

I hope life will get easier and I have someone to talk to that wont leave me