It’s will get better

i hope it gets better.

To all of those people out there who struggle with alcohol and drugs, never give up. You are able to shake off all those dark struggles in our life, so do it! I am rooting for you <3

I hope I never commit suicide. I hope the dark tsunami waves of depression and the flames of anxiety one day are calmed for I know they cannot be put out nor can the ocean dry up. I hope the tears are worth it and that my broken hearts’ scars are contrasted by love both my own and others’ for myself because though I may not love myself right now, I can still hope.

I hope my friends’ worries and fears and their pain will one day disappear and until then I hope I do what is best for myself and my friends, I hope I do not lose sight of those who are standing by me and I hope I stand by myself when I’m alone. I hope I can help my friends and family and the people around me and stand by them on the darkest eclipsed days, and the stormiest midnights. I hope these things for if I lose hope, I will never live, and I may succumb to the illusions of deacons my mind creates and submit to suicide.

I hope whoever reads this never commits suicide or self abuse because it sucks. And I hope you know we love you.

Our Greatest Weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed always is to just try one more time.

I hope that I will want to live

I hope that my over-thinking gets better and that my partner does like me.

just because life is hard don’t give up there’s always someone that is there for u,Your amazing and I believe in all of you out will get better trust me 😁

I promise you can do this, it’s gonna work out in the end. Healing isn’t a straight line it has bumps, curves, intersections, and more. Even if you have a bad day that doesn’t mean your healing is failing. It’s part of the process, trust it please. I’m proud of you<3

Your sigma ohio skibiti awesome 💪🤓

I posted in the worry jar section in early March and it is now late September. It may be hard to believe but it truly does get better. I’ve gotten the help that I needed to be able to live and cope with my personality disorders and it has helped tremendously. I found a new group of friends who accept me for who I am and they are a wonderful part of my life. I have truly grown as a person and have crawled out of that sad pit that I was in during March. I journal, I help my community by volunteering, and most importantly, I keep a positive mindset and attitude. Treating others and yourself with kindness goes a long way to your relationships and how you view yourself. I understand that sometimes it is extremely hard to be positive, and no you can’t be happy all the time. What you can always have is hope. A hope for a better day, a better tomorrow, and a better future. Hope goes hand in hand with helping to create a better outlook on life. You will have your bad days, I still do, but hope will always be there to lend a helping hand, one to drag you out of your pit.

Hi you! Everyone believes in you 🙂

I just want to say to all of you out there.. life is hard. it always will be. but you have to make the most of it. I believe in you <3

You’re the most amazing person, and I want you to know that! <3

I hope that I will find a place in life where I am not lonely, where I have a good circle of reliable friends that care and accept me for who I am. A place in life where I don’t live in fear and I am genuinely happy most of the time. Life has its ups and downs but things seem to be spiraling down right now. But, life continues on, things will get better with time.

yeah woreds u can doe i t i beleve hedgehog

I hope that climate change doesn’t end us all!
I hope everyone has a beautiful smile painted across their face!
I hope humanity can be reborn into something new, like a butterfly!
#GreatVibes #Peace! #LoveYouAll <333

I hope that I won’t forever feel like my friends hate me and I’m a bad person

i hope that i can stop falling behind in class and that someone on this app can help me with my stress and i can pass my first semester highschool class