I hope that my Mental Health gets better

I hope life will get easier and I have someone to talk to that wont leave me

I hope that one day the Newfoundland mental health system with finally help us.

I hope I’ll gain the will to care more.

if anyone is struggling academically and feels like they aren’t as good as the people around them: a few numbers or your name on a list is not going to have an effect today, tomorrow or ever, you ARE smart, your capable of doing anything you put your mind to, i believe that YOU are an incredibly smart person and you are going to do great things <3

yeah life is a roller coaster u have ups and downs then it goes round but the ups are the best memories look for the good not the bad stay positive<3

I hope that i make it passed 18, i hope i can get my septum peirced, i hope i cn get a tatto of a gutair, i hope i can stop hurting myself.

My little puppy!!!

no matter how hard it is it will always get better in time

I hope one day it will be safe to come out to my family and not have to worry about them harming me.

I hope everyone feels better about their mental health, including me. Stay safe & hopeful!

I hope that my father apologizes for hurting me and that I will know my worth

My hope is that everyone realizes that stars can’t shine without darkness. Some things can only be faced head-on, and sometimes you just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other until you get through that tunnel.

I hope that I can be the person that I want to be.

I hope that I can get the help I need and live a happy, healthy life

I hope that people can stop feeling afraid of finding help

I hope one day in the future I will stop trying to be a people pleaser and stop being over nice. I hope I get over that guy who was never good to me.I hope I stop crying myself to sleep, stop drowning my pain and feelings in alcohol I hope I end up ok

I hope that one day I will overcome this and lead a happy and positive life.

I hope I can make it past 18, I hope I can get out of this town, I hope I get better, I hope I can get a semicolon tattoo and be proud I made it out. I hope I can stop feeling manic. I hope I can burn the letter I have stuck in my Cd case.