Music has always been my coping mechanism in regards to my emotions, i feel as a high school student that us teenagers voices need to be heard, even more so emotion. Sometimes talking to someone that will listen just isn’t enough. You know, my favorite singer/song writer;artist luke combs, uses his emotion in every single song. most songs do, however it’s easy to decipher his from everyone elses. luke never picked up a guitar tell he was 23, and ever sense than he as spoken that his life is 200% better. The point is, us teenagers need to find what we can express ourselves with . this honestly goes for every person, if you have no way to blow off steam it’ll blow up in ways that nobody wants to witness . its like a water balloon, the water is our emotions and the balloon is our heads, one of these days you’ll not realize how much water you have in it tell its to late. Finding what you enjoy is the most important part of life. even if its homework, cleaning, music like me. I do encourage and hope that peoples eyes can remain open for something they might enjoy. – Tyson