Healthy Relationships Group

June 6, 2024

Are you struggling to improve your relationships? Do you want to develop new and healthy relationships? Are you seeking to know how to end relationships that are no longer healthy? Or perhaps are you seeking to deepen the connections that you already have? This group will help participants improve and cultivate healthy relationships in their life. This group will be offered over 6 sessions and will explore a variety of topics each week. If you are you are age 18+ and struggling with the relationships in your life, then this group may be helpful to you. For more information, and to register for this group click below.

The Healthy Relationship Group is a 6 week group that is intended to support folks who are wanting to gain more insight into the qualities of healthy relationships and to learn skills to improve connections. This group will provide a safe space for people to join with others who are also seeking to improve their interpersonal connections. Struggles can be related to things such as communication, boundaries, identifying qualities of healthy and unhealthy relationships, and ways to increase positive social connections.

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