I hope I never commit suicide. I hope the dark tsunami waves of depression and the flames of anxiety one day are calmed for I know they cannot be put out nor can the ocean dry up. I hope the tears are worth it and that my broken hearts’ scars are contrasted by love both my own and others’ for myself because though I may not love myself right now, I can still hope.

I hope my friends’ worries and fears and their pain will one day disappear and until then I hope I do what is best for myself and my friends, I hope I do not lose sight of those who are standing by me and I hope I stand by myself when I’m alone. I hope I can help my friends and family and the people around me and stand by them on the darkest eclipsed days, and the stormiest midnights. I hope these things for if I lose hope, I will never live, and I may succumb to the illusions of deacons my mind creates and submit to suicide.

I hope whoever reads this never commits suicide or self abuse because it sucks. And I hope you know we love you.