I’m worried and scared about everything. To be honest im just not as happy anymore. I’m so busy with my extra curiculars and school and i’m always so overwhelmed and being overwhelmed leads to anxiety which leads to self harm. I have only self harmed twice and they were both time that i was just crying in my room and needed to do something. I feel like my parents don’t understand what i’m going through but tbh i’m to scared to tell them so i keep it all inside. I feel like i’m a terrible friend recently and i feel like i’m losing them but i cant help it. I don’t know how to tell my mom i want to go back to therepy because we decided it wasn’t helping me but i really want to go back to it. I also feel like i’m disipointing my mom and family but i just cant help my emotions in a heathy way and that’s one of the reasons i want to go back to therepy. I also have to keep up with school i have big dreams when it comes to school but i’m also scared its not going to happen or i’m going to fall down the rabbit hole into drugs and alcohol like my dad, i really need help i have no idea what to do i feel like i cant talk to anyone.