I posted in the worry jar section in early March and it is now late September. It may be hard to believe but it truly does get better. I’ve gotten the help that I needed to be able to live and cope with my personality disorders and it has helped tremendously. I found a new group of friends who accept me for who I am and they are a wonderful part of my life. I have truly grown as a person and have crawled out of that sad pit that I was in during March. I journal, I help my community by volunteering, and most importantly, I keep a positive mindset and attitude. Treating others and yourself with kindness goes a long way to your relationships and how you view yourself. I understand that sometimes it is extremely hard to be positive, and no you can’t be happy all the time. What you can always have is hope. A hope for a better day, a better tomorrow, and a better future. Hope goes hand in hand with helping to create a better outlook on life. You will have your bad days, I still do, but hope will always be there to lend a helping hand, one to drag you out of your pit.