The Mental Health Skills and Recovery Group is 10 week group that is intended to support folks who are wanting to gain more insight into their own experiences around mental health; and to learn skills to improve coping. This group provides a safe space for people to connect with others who are also experiencing mental health issues. Struggles can be related to things such as anxiety, depression, relationship issues, stress, self-esteem, intense emotions, or many other types of mental health symptoms. A diagnosis is not necessary.

Week 1 – Introduction to Mental Health
Week 2 – Understanding Emotions
Week 3 – Coping with Intense Emotions
Week 4 – How to Take Care of Our Bodies to Take Care of Our Mind
Week 5 – Managing Racing Thoughts
Week 6 – Creating a Life with Purpose and Direction
Week 7 – Addressing Problematic Behaviours
Week 8 – Relationship with Self
Week 9 – Relationship with Others
Week 10 – Options to Deal with Triggers

The Mental Health Skills and Recovery Group will be offered on Tuesday’s, starting October 3 and will be held at 2:00-4:00 island time (1:30-3:30 Labrador). Please email to get more information – Please indicate which group you are connecting for in your subject line.