The Gender Journey’s Group main goal is to create a safe space to explore Gender Identify and Gender Expression. We hope that at the end of this group folks will feel a part of a larger community, have more comfort and clarity around their own identity, and feel supported to live their life in the way that feels most comfortable with them. As the name of the group indicates, we are not trying to arrive at a specific outcome or “destination” that is the same for everybody, we are embracing the journey for each individual. This group is a partnership between NL Health Services, Quadrangle NL and Lifewise.

Topics are provided as a way to guide exploration, and to share information that may be helpful in this exploration. However, topics and weekly agenda’s can be modified to fit the needs of each unique group composition. A sample outline for the group is as follows:

Week 1 – Creating a Safe Space and Exploring Hopes and Fears
Week 2 – Exploring Gender Identity Within our Current Society
Week 3 – Exploring Options for “Coming Out”
Week 4 – Gender Play (Exploring Possibilities)
Week 5 – Gender Play (Exploring Possibilities)
Week 6 – Exploring Options Around Physical Transitioning
Week 7 – Exploring Relationships (Family and Dating)
Week 8 – Self Care and Mental Health
Week 9 – Moving Forward and Closure

The Gender Journey’s Group will be offered virtually on Tuesday’s starting January 16th – March 12th, 2024 (9 weeks) from 6:00 pm – 8:00 island time (5:30 pm – 7:30 Labrador time). Please email to get more information – Please indicate which group you are connecting for in your subject line.

Gender Journey Poster