The Compass Group is an early recovery addictions group for people who are seeking support and information as they begin their recovery journey. This group has four sessions. Individuals can attend just one, or all four. People can join at any time. This group provides a safe space to gain more information and insight into their addiction. It also provides information to support people to make changes and options for “next steps” to continue to recovery process. The weekly outline is as follows:

Week 1:
* Understanding Addictions
* Addictions and the brain
* The Biopychosocial Model
* The 4 C’s of addiction

Week 2:
* The Substance Use Spectrum
* Understanding withdrawal, triggers and cravings
* Tools to cope

Week 3:
* Stages of change
* Assessing readiness to change
* Options for change
* Tools to support successful change

Week 4:
* Exploring impacts of substance use
* Moving from impacts to healing
* Options to support ongoing recovery