Bridget the Virtual Assistant

Meet Bridget, our new Virtual Assistant to help navigate the Bridge the gapp website!

With such a wide range of mental health and addiction resources available to you, Bridget is here to help you find exactly what you are looking for. Bridge the gapp provides everything from service listings to online programs like the mood meter to educational resources for a range of experiences – and now with Bridget you can find the tools and resources even quicker.

Bridget (a play on the word ‘Bridge’ in our name) is depicted by a lighthouse because this is a tool that shines a light on all the different areas of the website and how they may be of use to you. This tool will help you navigate and find your way around the diverse services, resources, and programs available, and offers a ray of hope to those using it.

Bridget is not an emergency service. In a medical emergency, call 911. In the case of a mental health or addictions crisis call 811, or proceed to the nearest emergency department.