Brain Health Awareness

March is Brain Health Awareness Month! Discover ways to nurture a healthy brain and recognize and reduce stigma in individuals who have been negatively impacted by brain disorders.

Check out ‘The Brain Story,’ a free online program to increase knowledge of how adverse childhood experiences impact brain development.

The Brain Story

Nutrition Month

Did you know the food we eat can impact our mood and behaviour?

March is nutrition month, the perfect time to explore the importance of nutrition and how healthy foods and beverages support proper body and brain function.

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Problem Gambling Awareness

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month, an annual event to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services.

Check out the Lower Risk Gambling Guidelines to see how you can reduce risks of experiencing harms from gambling.

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We’ve Got Just the Thing for You!

Do you want to be more in control of the things that challenge your mental wellbeing?

Check out these short courses that can have a big impact with just a little investment of time.

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Need a Naloxone Kit?

Naloxone (or Narcan) is a non-prescription, over-the-counter medication in Canada, that can temporarily reverse an opioid overdose. You can give naloxone while you wait for professional help to arrive.

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Wall of Hope

“To be a person is to have a story to tell.” – Isak Dinesen.

Stories entertain and teach. They reflect on experience and create community.  Stories about recovery also have the power to heal. Visit the Wall of Hope to read and share your own story of recovery.

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